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If you treat your pet well you will have a reliable friend for life. Pets are looked upon as a family member that need you to keep them healthy and to take good care of them. Many pet owners talk to their dogs or cats like they would their babies or small children. You will need to ensure that you have the proper pet supplies before you get started.

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Looking after your pet with the proper food and pet health care will ensure a happy relationship between you both.

The dog – Man’s best friend:

If you have had the experience of owning a dog before you will understand how loyal, friendly and a good companion they can be. Looking after your dog is most important during the puppy stages, as with babies, dogs pick up all their habits early on and are at their most intelligent.

Before you decide buying a puppy remember to:

  • Have appropriate housing such as a kennel or if indoor good bedding
  • Purchase dog dishes
  • A proper size leash with collar and name tag
  • Dog chew toys (more the better)
  • Nutritional Food and treats
  • Set an appointment with the vet for your dogs relevant needles and boosters
  • Brush your dogs coat regularly and check for fleas and ticks (purchase a flea collar)
  • Pet training book

Exercise is vital in keeping your dog happy, most dogs get up to mischief because of boredom, if they are walked on a regular basis it will stimulate their minds and gives them something special to look forward to. For people who have not got the time to exercise their dogs well “you should not have a dog in the first place”.


A Kitten will demand as much attention as a puppy but things will get easier as time goes by. Kittens love playing and below are ideal pet products to keep your kitten happy:


  • Litter tray
  • Food dish
  • Scratching post
  • Flea collar
  • Standard collar with name tag

Cats love exploring and have a great navigation system so don’t be afraid to let your cat out un attended after they grow a little, they will come back, after all you are feeding him.


Birds make excellent pets but some people bring a bird home without thinking that they also need lots of attention and care. Birds can become very loyal with the correct attention and with most pets the early days are the most important. Unlike the dog or cat the bird will spend most of it’s time in the cage so plan ahead and have the following:

  • Proper sized cage – the larger the better
  • Food trays
  • Perch, swings etc
  • Toys changed regularly (to sharpen beak)
  • Cage cover (allowing your bird have adequate rest)

Whatever pet you decide on getting make sure you have the proper food pet and feed your animal the correct amounts. Overfeeding at a young age can lead to problems later on in life.

Exercise is vital and must be rule number one for pets such as dogs. Remember boredom can lead to depression and behavioural problems. You can get excellent informative books on pet health can will help you along the way. It is a good idea to change you pet toys once a month or when you see fit.

Remember giving pets to young children is not a good idea; you are the one who will be looking after, cleaning and feeding the pet after the novelty wears off with your child. is my favorite place for Cool Dog Supplies.  


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Animal health care - every pet needs and deserves a certain basic level of care
Animal health care should be a team effort, you and your veterinarian.

Animal books about pet care can be found everywhere
Animal books on pet care abound.

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